AUDI A4 2017 (MRSP)

Audi 2017: If you have wanted to get a good car at a affordable price, you should check out the Audi A4. It was released in 2017, but when you see the design, you would likely assume that is was made very recently. Because the car is almost brand new, that means that you should have an easy time getting a good car for a relatively affordable price. That’s given the fact that it offers a luxury experience only around $10,000 than a standard new car. Being a mid -size car means that it can hold up to five people, as well as having decent space for carrying things in your vehicle. Enough about that, there is much more to offer in the AUDI A4.

This car is actually the second generation from the Audi series. On the out side, the car is impressive. Not just aesthetically, but the car also has top of the line suspension tuning and shock absorbents. Like every other Audi car, this vehicle has a luxury look to it. On the front you get to see the silver logo with the shining plate behind it. The chairs and steering wheel also use high-quality leather to have a consistent level of craftsmanship with the rest of the car. If you’re afraid of your car may reflect on you at work, it will make you look very professional.

Even for how old it is, the Audi A4 has some of the best handling on the market. There are very few cars that you will to have such a joyful time steering. The great is level of consistency in the brand of the cars, even the Audi 2017 models handle just as well. The weight of each turn is made so that you will feel that you are one with the car, as opposed to accommodating for it. This handling system really rewards people that drive save.


Review AUDI A4: Engine

The engine is one of the most special and underrated aspects of the car. The car has multiple driving response options that include comfort, auto, dynamic and individual. The engine is very powerful, running as 252 horsepower. The great thing is that the multiple options make it available to more people who want to drive this car. You may drive in the city, where there are tons of stop signs and red lights so you need to stop constantly. You may drive in the desert or highway and want to have a faster acceleration rate. The car does a great job of catering to both audiences.

If you plan on commuting, the A4 has some great mileage statistics. For the city you can use 25 mpg, and for the highway you can use 33 mpg. For when you’re driving, you have climate control options, an adjustable arm rest and much more. For the room, is should be noted to your passengers that they won’t have the most space in the back. However, this is done so that there is more room in the trunk of the car. These comprises won’t ruin the experiences of the drive, unless your passengers can’t fit together.

Audi 2017 Price

Audi A4 2017 price and features: The Audi 2017 has some great interfaces, if you aren’t familiar where you’re traveling. In the same section as your speed tracker, is a gps that shows you your position, as well as roads and notable locations. To navigate yourself, in the night time, the Zenon headlights with LED running lamps are here to support. For $36,000 the A4 offers a long list of features and options for those who want to make the investment. You’ll get to experience great mileage as well a luxury experience when you drive casually. You’ll get some nice ranged windshield wipers for those days in the rain. With the high quality leather, you should feel that all leather products should feel as good as your seat. If you’re interested, you can go to your local dealership and test drive it.

Review by KBB