Craig I.
My fiance and I recently bought a 2009 Subaru Outback from World Auto Sales and couldn't be happier. All of the used cars at the dealerships seemed to be priced well above book value, while World priced our car well below book value. The deal we got was literally thousands less than comparable cars in the area. The service we received from Alex, Alex, and the rest of their staff was nothing less than extraordinary. Friendliness is customary in the sales business, but their staff went above and beyond to help us out. Soon after purchasing our car, we had a mix-up (our error--not theirs. long story--we didn't realize the valet key wasn't a full-fledged key. don't laugh--we've never had a car this new!) and had the car towed back to the shop. When Alex realized we had sent along the wrong key, he drove to my finance's workplace in Camden to pick up the correct key! The rest of the service was just as great--from a complimentary detailing and inspection to ordering a keyless entry key for us from Subaru. They also offer very reasonable warranties for their cars from a reputable company, including a complimentary 30 day warranty (engine and transmission only) for many of their cars. Their deal was so good that we were able to purchase the car and a pretty comprehensive 3 year warranty for the same amount we would have spent on the car only elsewhere. From a financing standpoint, you may be able to do better with your own bank. While they were very helpful with financing at the showroom, we were able to get a much better rate from our own bank. If you're looking for a good deal on a nice car, don't overlook these guys. They are supremely helpful, professional, and fair. Good luck finding an equally good deal!