Public Notice Sale!
As Low As $499 Down!

Public Notice Sale!
As Low As $499 Down!


Low Upfront, Stress-Free Pricing

Low prices proudly displayed on every vehicle. No need to stress with negotiations, we guarantee the cheapest price in the area.

Honest & Open Financing for Everyone

We will find the best no-tricks financing solution, where all the numbers are easy to understand. You don’t need to overpay, even if your credit is not that good.


We will provide you with a detailed Vehicle History Report on any cheap car, in printed or digital format for your convenience and reassurance.

30 day warranty on most vehicles offered for sale

Unlimited miles, 30 day warranty for your peace of mind! The good news is that it doesn’t stop there. Service contracts can be extended for up to 4 years on select vehicles.

Are You looking for a used car?

Even if we don’t have your desired vehicle on our car lot, we will find just the one used car you are looking for and deliver it to you straight from the auction. All Vehicles

Do You want to sell a car?

Trade-ins are welcome! Whether you purchase a cheap used car from us or not, we are still willing to buy yours. Schedule an appointment today!


Philadelphia tri-state market knows that there are a lot of cheap cars offered for sale by literally, thousands of dealerships. But how do you find a good used car and not overpay for it or get stuck with a load of surprises? There few major steps that you need to take into account when buying a used vehicle.

  • First, is that every used car is a used car and you should get your expectations just for that. There will be no plastic covered seats and untouched steering wheel. If you are planning to spend less the 30%, in some cases, of the original value of the vehicle, be prepared for some wear.
  • Second is every used cheap car offered for sale has a history, and your goal is to make sure that the previous owner indeed took a good care of the vehicle. There are few ways to do it. One is by checking the vehicle history through CarFax or AutoCheck. There you are looking for two things: accidents reports and maintenance data. Not all accidents are equal. If the report says that minor damage reported, there is probably, nothing to worry about, and most likely is reported, because owner filed for insurance reimbursement. You also want to check how many records and where were they recorded. If you see that they were all done at one dealership, most likely this used car will be in good mechanical condition.
  • Third, look if the dealer offers the warranty (service contract) with the used car you want to purchase. If seller stands behind the car, most likely it is in good condition. It is always a good idea to buy extended service contracts so that you can be covered in case of major repair needed.
  • Lastly, make sure you do take a test drive and check that everything is to your satisfaction, both cosmetically and mechanically. When you test driving a used car, let’s say BMW or Mercedes, make sure to check that there are no unexpected knocking sounds, all dashboard functions are working properly and overall behavior of the car on the road is to your satisfactory.
  • Remember, that all car dealers are people just like you, who have families and dreams. They do their best to make sure that there is no bad vehicle on their lot. Most of them are buying cars using NAIDA data, which will tell how much this particular model should be selling for on the market. Don’t forget to take into account the extra features like navigation, leather seats, sunroof, and other luxury components which usually dramatically increase the value of a used car.

The main difference when it comes to World Auto Sales team is that they are specializing in helping you, the customer, with acquiring used vehicles in good condition in the range from $5,000 – $20,000.

“There are many car dealerships near me,
but there is only one who I would trust, when it comes
to usead cars below 20k – World Auto Sales”.
– Mark. K

We strongly believe that the best value of the car is when it has all the features, style and look for the fraction of the price of new car.  Here are few reasons why buying a used car in Philadelphia PA is a good idea.

  1. When Buying a cheap car, the insurance will be cheaper
  2. Used cars have history, both market, and personal which gives you a good idea of an engine reliability and problem records.
  3. Cheap cars for sale like a Mercedes-Benz are much cheaper than new vehicles which free your budget significantly.
  4. Even in the case, when repair needed, used car parts are more accessible and affordable.
  5. Used cars for sale are perfect for students, new drivers, collectors, commuters, families, bargain lovers, young old …. everybody.


World Auto Sales of Philadelphia is committed to bringing the best prices for the best used vehicle condition to all customers both in Philadelphia Tri-State area and the corners of the U.S. We have happy customers from all over the world who keep returning for their new best deal.