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In today’s frantic, busy world, a car is a necessity. You need one to get to work, to the doctor’s office, to buy groceries, drop off the kids at school, and go to visit family. We all share these responsibilities, so not having a car is crippling. Perhaps you’ve lived in a place in which a car was not necessary. Perhaps your old car has died, and you need a new one.

The snag with buying a car is that you need money for a down payment. If you use your car for business, such as delivering food, driving for Lyft or Uber, or you are a salesman in the field, then you’re losing money each day you don’t have a car. Your debts will mount, and you won’t have the money to pay them.

World Auto Sales is the buy here pay here Philadelphia dealership that will get you into a car before you can say “I want that one.” We won’t ask a huge downpayment. It doesn’t matter if you have a low credit score. We get it. We’re here to help.

Is There an Inventory Limitation When Buying Buy Here Pay Here

First, you need to know what inventory buy here pay here Philadelphia dealerships offer. If you want a crossover or an SUV, we have them. Just need a small car? We can help. Perhaps your business requires a truck or van. We have you covered. We use our own unique approval system in financing our customers. World Auto Sales buy here pay here dealership gives everyone approval regardless of your credit score. Think big! Buy the car of your dreams!

Your World Auto Sales Experience

We hunt for great used cars every day. Financing or leasing a new car is more expensive, they require excellent credit, and the driver has to give up the car in a couple of years or get stock with long payment. Used cars are cheaper, and you won’t need sterling credit. Some used cars don’t have much mileage on them and if maintained well, they are just like new once. Most of them look brand new.

At World Auto Sales dealership, we offer complete transparency. By that, we mean that we will show you the Car History report on the vehicle you want to buy. Certified mechanics have thoroughly gone over every one of our cars, ensuring you a mechanically sound auto and PA inspected. Even then, a maintenance contract may be arranged in the case of a malfunction somewhere down the road.

Unparalleled customer service is yours when you walk onto the World Auto Sales buy here pay here Showroom. Some regular dealerships treat customers who can’t pay with rudeness and disrespect. We understand such circumstances. You are worthy of courtesy and respect. We want to help you work out your problems, beginning with a car.

You have the right to choose a car, gain approval, and secure financing at our buy here pay here dealership. Lots of dealerships make you wait for at least a week while they go over your information, credit, and whomever you’ve selected to carry the loan. On top of that, they’ll take the time to check the car mechanically, perhaps wash it, and fill it with gas and oil. You don’t have one to two weeks to wait for a car. We get it. You’ll get your car as fast and in most cases right away.

Our service personnel are highly trained, knowledgeable, and experienced. Every member of the World Sales Auto team is well-trained. We want to know how we can help you, what your needs are, and which car will fit your budget. We’ll discuss your work, your lifestyle, and your bills so we can gain a clear picture of your needs and our ability to get you approved for your financing.

As you can see, our passion is helping as many people as we can. We want everyone to know that, no matter their circumstances, they have a place to go where they will receive help. They will receive it with smiles and courtesy. They will receive it at the best possible price we can give them, and with the best possible service. Those aren’t just words. We strive for it.

Are You looking for a used car?

Even if we don’t have your desired vehicle on our car lot, we will find just the one used car you are looking for and deliver it to you straight from the auction. All Vehicles

Do You want to sell a car?

Trade-ins are welcome! Whether you purchase a cheap used car from us or not, we are still willing to buy yours. Schedule an appointment today!