Genevieve Kappler
Not only i got the cutest little mini cooper but had an awesome time , from the time i picked up the phone Vasel helped me find the best pick , took the time to go through all details , and in my language with that ( french which he spoke fluently with not a grammar mistake to pick on lol) This place team is made of PRO , honest, and courteous, they are efficient and even on Friday night , they stayed after hours to help me, test drive , process , paperwork, trade in , all felt seemless. It was good to feel like in good hands and the price i paid was good , the car impeccable , like new! I ll go back probably not to get an other car( not yet at least) as i intend to drive my mini for the longest time, but to say hi and have a chat when in the area Ils sont supers! Merci !